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Our congratulations to the authors of the following works that appeared in this journal during the interval qualifying them for the upcoming 2014 Best of the Net award.  Since we love everything we published, this was a really tough call for us. We bitterly curse the limits on the number of allowed nominations.


Click on the titles to have a look!




Timothy Gager, “A Modern Form of Disorderly Conduct” (#71)
Meg Pokrass, "Time Lady" (#73)




Eric Burke: "Haruspex" (#75)
Robert Scotellaro “Pallbearers for the Living” (#75)
José Angel Araguz “Kindred Spirit” (#72)
Sarah J. Sloat “Heiress to a Small Ruin” (2014 mini-chapbook)
Jon Densford “Omline” (#66)
Lauren Gordon: "Your poem is learning language" (2014 mini-chapbook)




Special thanks to our associate editor Laura M. Kaminski for getting us organized on this!


2014 Best of the Net nominees




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