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K e l l y   F o r d o n


North Dakota Nice


It’s moving from lived memory 

to historical memory, our kids will 

have to tattoo pictures of us 

on their arms. He has remained 

North Dakota Nice, but she 

never does the primordial stomp 

anymore. It was not a case of mistaken 

faith though she thought it might be 

for a while. There were shifts in 

perception followed by shifts 

in expectations. Nor will this be 

rebroadcast. She had a 

devil-may-care attitude 

and what he wouldn’t give 

to flag that girl down again. 

Who wins? Not the found objects. 

not those of us living at this 

school for the blind. 

Hummingbirds sometimes 

fly in reverse. Oh, 

to be on the back of one 

right now.

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