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D a w n   C o r r i g a n


Lecture Notes


Just between the two of us:

our language must offer more

than it can possibly deliver.

It’s not dirty silence clarified

but silence made still dirtier

by words we throw out

without overcoats or cabfare.

They don’t expect to meet us again

but don’t seem to care.

Whenever these words are said

they’re sad, and since I’ve said them,

I’m responsible for them

as I’m responsible for the Rolls that’s passing,

the driver dressed all in black

except for silver gloves.

Notice the three figures in back,

shadowy as they bounce on the seat

and strum their small instruments.



“Lecture Notes” is a found poem taken from things Mark Strand said in an undergrad poetry survey course he taught during the Winter 1993 quarter at the University of Utah, which I audited at his invitation. RIP



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