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Melissa Fu

62 Elephants

I brought home 62 elephants from India. I admit, I wasn’t thinking too clearly when I purchased them. I was caught up in the thrill of watching my friend Rama bargain with the seller. As they argued in Tamil and pointed at the elephants I held my breath and crossed my fingers, wondering if we’d need to walk away in disgust or if I’d get to buy the elephants. 


At length, she turned to me and said, “He’s going to let you have them for 1000 rupees. I was trying to get him to 850, but he’s not going any lower. Do you want them?”


Of course! Who wouldn’t want 62 elephants for 1000 rupees?


I had to buy extra luggage to bring the elephants home. Practicalities like this are never part of the equation when you are haggling for a herd. It was a tight squeeze, but in the end I managed to close my new blue suitcase. Did we need 62 elephants? Did we have room for 62 elephants? Where would they stay? What would the cats say? Is there any special care necessary for elephants? None of these questions were on my mind as I travelled home.


When I walked through the door, I announced that we now owned 62 elephants. My son lined them up in my bedroom and counted them. They were mostly orderly. Fifty-eight gazed out the window while four persisted in staring at the wall. Even in a parade of elephants, there will be a handful of contrarians. 


Time will tell, but I think it was a good investment. So far, they get along marvellously with the buffalo and camels.






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