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Name one literary journal who has not published Howie Good.

It seems I cannot open one and not find a poem by Mr. Good.

Read Purple Pig, RHP, Split Lip (and hundreds more) and you should

see a poem or three penned by a SUNY prof named Howie Good.


I have endured 126 straight rejections, but knock-on-wood,

I’ll have an acceptance one of these days, just like Howie Good.


I hope, dear reader, my words are not by you misunderstood.

It’s not envy, no; I cheer the sheer profusion of Howie Good!


Steve, you know you know the trope “Submit! Submit” and you could

end the streak when some editor reads your poem and says, “My, how good!”



Steve Tomasko has a streak of 126 rejections going (and that’s just poetry). If you’re reading this bio, then the streak has been kindly broken by this journal. If you’re not reading this, it now stands at 127.

Steve Tomasko

Oh, How Good







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