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web chapbooks

alphabetized by first name


Allan Peterson

Any Given Moment (2005)

Stars on a Wire (2008)

Assurances (2011)


Alex Stolis

From an iPod Found in Canal Park; Duluth, MN (2013)


Brad Rose  

Coyotes Circle the Party Store (2013)


Carolyn Adams  

What Do You See? (2008)

Corey Mesler  

The Heart is Open (2011)

CL Bledsoe

Goodbye to Noise (2009)

Tulsa (2012)

Doug Draime  

Speed of Light (2008)

Francis Raven  

Imagining the Washington Monument (2010)

Hosho McCreesh  

Glowing, Smoldering, Like Some Far-Off Derelict Fire...(2010)

Howie Good

Dying Words (2010)

Police & Questions (2008)

Still Life with Firearms (2009)

Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea (2011)
Love Dagger (2011) 
Apocalypso (2013)


Jeanie Tomasko 

If I Confess Before 5:00 (2012)

Jordan Smith  

The Flute Is Zero (2006)

Larry D. Thomas

Plain Pine (2008)
The Circus (2009)
Five Lavender Minutes of an Afternoon (2010)
Far (West Texas) w/ Lisa Thomas (2011)

Social Networks (2012)
Colors (2013)

The Red, Candle-lit Darkness (2013)

Lynn Strongin

Saint Dirt (2009)

Portable Debit Machine (2007)


Marc Vincenz 

Pull of the Gravitons (2012)


Mark Cunningham

Second Story (2006)

Mark Cunningham
& Mel Nichols

nightlightnight (2009)


Philippe Shils

hey hey pretty baby (2014)

Ray Templeton

The Art of Finding (2009)


R.T. Castleberry  

Dialogue and Appetite (2011)

Richard J. Fleming  

Aperture (2013)

Scot Siegel 

California Travelogue (2011)


Various Artists

Word Count (2010)


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