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Universal Themes in Literature

1 Man vs. Man


"Get out of the car or I'm going to fucking smoke you!" yelled the officer to the driver having a stroke. Anybody out there had a similar experience?


2 Man vs. Nature


Beat the wild goose with a rock or a wooden plank. Next, one of you should stand on the bird to keep it from flopping around while the other saws off its head with a pocket knife. Later, if the cops ask, explain it was a duet by an anonymous composer who was hungry and had nowhere to sleep but rooms full of rain.


3 Man vs. Self


On the same day that a dentist from Minnesota killed a lion, we make our way to the pool for a quick dip, then jog to the bikes, do a short ride, then run 1/4 mileall just to get the feel of drowning.



H o w i e   G o o d

Universal Themes
in Literature

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