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Barry Marks is a poet and attorney in Alabama. His book of poetry, Possible Crocodiles (Brick Road Poetry Press), won the Alabama State Poetry Society’s 2010 Book of the Year. This has not allowed, however, for early retirement.


Brad Rose is the only person in the United States who has not earned an MFA. He received a BA, however, in English Literature, during the Paleo-
proterozoic period. We understood there was no English Literature during that period. However, there is a fossil record. Links to his poetry and fiction can be found at:


Bradley K. Meyer writes from Dayton, Ohio because, hey, what else is there to do in Dayton? He has previously published work in The General (Athens, Ohio) and Haiku Journal. He released his debut chapbook, Hotel Room (Vostok East Press, 2013), last September. His favorite animal is the Virginia opossum. He is 25. Bradley is. The age of the opposum is unknown.


Catherine B. Krause is the wife of veteran rugby league photographer Benny "The Jet" Krause and daughter of two French dairy farmers from France. She is a fervent supporter of the international language Ido and current president of the Universal Ido Association, the second most respected governing body of the language.


David Kinsey bartends in San Diego and is a two-time All State Yelling Champion. So, when you read his poem, imagine him yelling it.


Denny E. Marshall (cover art for this issue) has had art and poetry recently published. (And even more rejected, yes, lots more). He has not been published in hundreds of magazines. He could not provide a brief bio because he wears boxers. For more laughs visit his website, the address is


Doug Draime was an early and is a frequent contributor to RHP. Dale owes him money.


Eric Otto’s poems have recently appeared in A Hundred Gourds, Stymie, and Word Riot. He is an associate professor of environmental humanities at Florida Gulf Coast University. Find him at Eric's home at the Florida Gulf Coast will be the site of our upcoming RHP party.


H. Edgar Hix is a poet of very minor importance. Recent publications have been Priscilla Papers and Wednesday Haiku. Hix loves humor. Humor loves Hix. 


Howie Good's body of published poetry is so good, that it is worth the money that must be donated to offset its carbon footprint. Which is considerable. Offset some Howie carbon here.


Jane Attanucci spent her first career as a professor of psychology and women’s studies. Since retiring, she has studied with David Semanki at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. Her recent work appears in Blast Furnace, Still Crazy and Third Wednesday. Who really trusts a psychologist?


A resident of Georgia, Jane Blanchard has recent work in The Healing Muse, The Rotary Dial, and The Seventh Quarry. She is widely expected to run for Vice President in 2016 on a "Americans Should Read More Poetry" platform. 


Not that Jane isn't fully qualified to be President. We are sure she is. But, it's a humor thing. "President" isn't funny. "Vice President" often is. Sort of like 9 is funnier than 8. And Joe Biden is funnier than Dick Cheney. In fact, there are several fast-spreading viral diseases that are funnier than Dick Cheney.


Jen Wos is a Jersey girl learning how to be a Brooklynite. She probably has a Sanskrit chant in her head as she edits something to make a living. She has recently been published by Epigraph Magazine and in The Red Wheelbarrow Anthology. Follow her on Twitter @jenwos to check out her latest work. Jen has had poems rejected by us because they were submitted in Sanskrit. 

Lauren Hall’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in NANO Fiction, The Conium Review, Cleaver, The Lascaux Review, A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, and others. She was awarded the William Carlos Williams Prize for Poetry at the University of Pennsylvania, where she received a Master’s degree. She lives in a clean, well-lighted place with the ghost of famed poet William Carlos Williams.

Matthew Allen Thompson is editor of The Louisville Lip. A story of his will appear in a forthcoming issue of The Victoria Rose from Dock Street Press. C'mon, tell us the story, Matt!


Wanda Morrow Clevenger lives in Hettick, IL, population 200, give or take. She used to keep birds but they kept committing suicide on her watch. Now she randomly kills moth orchids. Her work recently appeared in Rattle, Sheepshead Review, Diverse Voices Quarterly and Cheap and Easy









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