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C o n t r i b u t o r s


A. Kat Reece is an MFA candidate in the creative writing program at North Carolina State University.


Annie Stenzel has always believed less is more, but doesn’t always have the courage of her beliefs.  Her work appears and disappears, comes and goes, works and plays. 


Bradley K Meyer writes from Dayton, Ohio. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rougarou, Indefinite Space, Apeiron Review & others. He edits Pouch Magazine, which lives at


C.C. Russell lives and writes in Wyoming after previous lives in New York and Ohio.  His poetry and short fiction have been published here and there from time to time. 


Guy Traiber's writing has been rejected by many good and well-known publications. He will be happy to hear from you! Email at


Howie Good is arguably the most published poet in North America. But don't argue about it because, if you do, Howie will find out and write an entire book of poems about the argument. And get it published.


Jane Røken lives in Denmark. She is fond of old tractors, garden sheds, scarecrows and other stuff that, in the due course of time, will ripen into something else.

According to reliable sources, Jeanie Tomasko’s head has been in the heavens even before she stumbled upon a 1916 first edition of Field Astronomy Guide.  


Karen Greenbaum-Maya has everything she needs. She’s an artist. She don’t look back. She can take the night out of the nighttime and paint the daytime black.


Mark Danowsky currently lives in a van down by the Susquehanna River. He works for a private detective agency and is assistant copy editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal.


Nabeela Altaf is an old feline trapped in a 21-year-old human body. (From the Editors: This is particularly interesting, considering that this issue also includes a poem by A. Kat Reece.)


William Cullen Jr., a veteran who works at a non-profit in Brooklyn NY, has published in Canary, Gulf Stream, New Verse News, Spillway, The Christian Science Monitor, Word Riot, and previously in RHP.




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