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B r a d   R o s e    

Democracy of Secrets

v e r y   s h o r t   p o e m s 


r i g h t   h a n d   p o i n t i n g  

digital chapbook


copyright 2015 Brad Rose


Edited by Laura M Kaminski


Cover image and design by Dale Wisely


The author would like to thank the editors of the publications where the following poems first appeared:


One Sentence Poems (Popular Opinion, The Problem with Brahman Bulls, Blue Period, Behind the Scenes at the Funeral Home, What I Learned About Death While Driving Through the Alps)


UnFold Five (5) Found Poetry Contest, July 2014 winner (Signs of Reincarnation at Le Parker Meridien Hotel, NY, NY)




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B r a d   R o s e

Democracy of Secrets



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