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C l a u d i a   S e r e a

O n   7 t h   A v e n u e ,   t w o   m e n   w i t h   s i g n s
a s   b i g   a s   s h i p   s a i l s   p r e a c h   s a l v a t i o n


The sea of salvation washes ashore—

shoes, hats, gloves, shirts, dresses,

whiskey barrels, bells, 

rubber duckies,

papers, books, a golden trumpet,

a pacifier,

bottles, combs, a broken mirror,

a violin,

a toothbrush,

paintings, photos, pearls, feather boas,

wet bread, 

a boot, knives and forks, 

someone’s silver teaspoon,


but not a single body,

not one.


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