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Edward Derby

Sunspot Photo

In the reproductive endocrinologist’s

waiting room magazine I see a sunspot

photo, black-and-white speckled blob

like an ultrasound printout predicting

an aurora borealis: northern lights,

green illusion, heaven-flare, star-quilted

flashes on eyelid-prayer, insomnia-fare,

light-sigh, womb-curved pulse-traced flicker of sky.

What presence inside, beneath-under quilt?

Inscrutable pink-blue, sky-baby-to-be,

pixel-traced gray printed topo hope-spot.

Empty face, empty phrase, not asleep or awake,

forehead ball not hers or mine.

No ears. No hate. No hair. No voice. No scars.

A dot, a moment of hope. No heartbeat. No child.

I put down the magazine. We begin again.    

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