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D a l e   W i s e l y


The Herd


Deer dart into traffic.

Feral pigs root through city parks.

Bald eagles feast on pet dogs.

Raccoons bedevil the tony North Shore suburbs of Chicago.

One mountain lion has had its photo snapped.

Wild turkeys swagger. 

And beavers. They're back with a vengeance

not far from Microsoft headquarters.

The yip of coyotes. 


A Walmart employee in Florida. 

Two kinds of landowners in Texas.

The alligator at your door.

An Ohio golfer.

A nation in love with Buffalo Bill.

A sense of loss, even doom.

The recent mistake of killing too rarely.



Source: David Von Dehle, "Time to Cull the Herd." TIME, December 9, 2013.

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