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E l e a n o r   L e v i n e

Death by Microwave 


In some families eating a triple burger

Is tantamount to entering Purgatory at age 5

Dating a Palestinian lesbian if your kin

Own a coffee shop in the West Bank

Contemplating a janitorial position with Rush

Limbaugh if your dad, the school teacher,

Was fired for writing about Vietnam

Comparing Indira Gandhi to a mute circus midget

Citing three imperfect microbes in Mother Theresa—yes,

She took money from Baby Doc

Or posting C. Hitchens’ obit on Facebook—

Your female friends say he’s anti-female:

You have taken the Lord’s name,

That being Kate Millett,

Though bitchiness is her synonym

All I want is a triple burger

With fried onions and cheese so I can die at 51 

Not Sylvia Plath’s head in my oven.

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